Misfitted with a Fictional Addiction (_esoterica_) wrote in volkswagging,
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full velocity: no one's here.

i think if i were one of those smoothie drinks, i'd be blue. just blue, no flavor, just an opaque light blue. like the LJ pencil icon blue.
with chunks. i'd be gritty, too. gotta have texture.
i think if i were one of those smoothie drinks
you'd vomit me back to earth.
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I think I'd be one of those heavy peanut butter chocolate banana smoothies.... the kind that skinnygirl smoothieshop regulars hesitate to try because they're afraid it might have too many calories and fat grams. I would also be very gritty and perhaps hard to digest.
hard to digest and hart to forget.
your icon is spifftacular. it reminds me of a book cover that i have never seen. if i was writing a book, i'd want that to be the cover.

i really like it.
I would be a green smoothie! But I would be a mixture of different things...

Some "Drops of Jupiter" for Rachael.

Some cherry and green apple sour stuff for Julie.

Some candy-apple red for my mommy (because that's her favorite color).

Some "vanilla" for my daddy (because that's his favorite ice cream flavor).

Some purple chunky fruity stuff for crystal.

And lastly, something to make you smile and give you the giggles...

Especially for Julie...:)

i love smoothies. i am a smoothie connisseur. however you spell it. i think i would be blueberry-ish. they are gritty too, with seeds, or something.
ummmm.... if you have chunks, are you really a smoothie?